You’ve spent hours searching for all your wedding details. From your shoes, earrings and embellishments on your stationery, to the the dress, decor and flowers.

It’s just one day, that goes so fast, you’ll barely have time to stop and truly admire it all in its entirety. 

So you want to ensure your photographer captures all of this for you.

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Bridal Details

To photograph all those beautiful bridal details during your bridal prep, your photographer needs time. They’ll need to gather all the items, find the best spot for lighting and ensure it’s all put back into place afterwards.


Ask your maid of honour or a bridesmaid to arrange your shoes, perfume, jewellery and any other bridal details in a spot where your photographer can find it easily.

That way, they’ll know what’s important (some brides want their lingerie photographed) and will be able to find it all in one spot, instead of asking and hunting for it. The less time they’re spending searching for details, the more they’re spending with you, photographing uninterrupted moments.


Groom’s Details

Between all the beer cracking, jokes and tie folding, grooms and their boys can be notoriously late for their portrait shots.

Your photographer will want to capture the boys chilling with a few beers, as well as the groom’s watch, cufflinks, shoes, belt, tie and whatever else he may be wearing on his day.


Have your groom set all his items aside and have him showered and dressed in his pants, socks and shirt prior to the photographer’s arrival. That way, your photographer can shoot the details and capture all the in-between moments that make for some very happy memories.


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Tanya Jacobs Photography Durban Wedding Photographer Woodridge Country Estate_0415Reception/ Venue Details

You’ve chosen underplates, flowers, your cake and so much more for your wedding day. Your photographer will want to photograph these and definitely before your guests have taken their seats. Having your decor photographed early in the day means your flowers will still be fresh, the set up is untouched and everything, in all its elegance and finesse, looks perfect.


Let your photographer shoot the reception details before they start with bridal prep photographs, while you’re getting your hair done. If you’ve got a co-ordinator, ensure they know decor shots are important to you and their work needs to be done before a certain time.

Having these beautiful photographs is worth scheduling time in your timeline for your photographer to ensure they can capture it all.

So the rest of your day can be spent on all those authentic, real moments with a happy bridal couple. x

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