I love arriving at the bride on the morning of her wedding. The atmosphere is jovial, the bride’s a little giddy and the room smells of happiness, fresh flowers and beauty products. It’s one of my favourite times to photograph.

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But no matter how excited you are and how much you just want to get out there and celebrate, there are things to be done!

Here are my top tips to having the best morning on your wedding day

Start your day with breakfast

I’d say it’s the number one thing almost every bride forgets on the morning of her wedding… to eat! It’s a long day with loads of champagne and alcohol to go out on an empty stomach. A platter of fruit, yoghurt and muesli is light enough for the morning or a sandwich before you get into your dress or have your make up done will keep you going.

Dress for Success

Matching gowns or tops are a lovely gift to your bridesmaids, and a perfect outfit for the morning of your wedding. Make sure whatever you’re wearing, it can be easily taken off without ruining your hair and make up.

Put your phone on silent

Leave Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp for the day after your wedding. Turn your phone on silent and hand it over to your maid of honour who can do all the answering of calls and texts.

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Hair & make up

Having your make up done beautifully sets how you feel about yourself on your wedding day. Make space for your make up artist to work her (or his) magic, and ask a bridesmaid to clean up the area around you so empty packets, bags of clothes and empty lip stained champagne flutes aren’t lying around. You will always remember how you FELT on your wedding day, at least have nice photos of this time to remember that by.

Tidy Up

Ask a bridesmaid to be in charge of making sure bags, shoes and any rubbish is packed away, or out of sight. While I try cut out the clutter, it makes my job far easier if I have space to move around and shoot from any angle and not squashed against a wall, with only one clear background. I try to get the general surroundings in my photographs during this time to really tell your story so a tidy space just makes for nicer images.
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Create a music play list

It’s a small thing, but plays such a roll in setting a jovial atmosphere. “Happy,” by Pharrell Williams, “Drunk in Love,” by Beyoncé and and “Marry You,” by Bruno Mars are ultimate wedding morning chart toppers!

Get your accessories picture ready

Normally I’ll photograph your jewellery, perfume and other details early on in the day, so it’s a good idea to have these ready and to one side. This will save time so I have more time to photograph you and the goings-on, than searching for earrings, shoes and a lost bracelet from a great grandmother.


I’ve had a bride who had her DJ walk out on her an hour before she walked down the aisle, and a heavy downpour threatened to ruin her outdoor ceremony. But it all worked out and five minutes before she walked down the aisle and an emergency stretch tent was erected, the skies cleared and the DJ arrived. phew!

Everything will work out.

Relax, enjoy the day and all its glorious moments!


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