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Immanuel and Tasha | Collisheen Estate | Orchid House

Immanuel and Tasha | Collisheen Estate | Orchid House

Immanuel and Tasha wrote their own vows for their wedding day at Collisheen Estate and while it mostly included personal touches like, ‘I promise to drink milkshakes with you’ and ‘I promise to scratch your back’, they also promised to love each other. Even if you tried, you couldn’t find a more perfectly suited pair.

While editing their photographs, I was reminded of this and couldn’t help but smile.

They laugh wholeheartedly at each other’s jokes, they look at each other with the same respect and sincerity, and they love, with all their hearts.

These guys simply ‘husband and wife’ so well. 😉

Thank you Manny and Tash for ending my 2016 wedding season on the highest note, and for being so incredible to photograph.

Now go grow old together. x

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Venue: Collisheen Estate, Orchid House
Hair and Make Up: Brittany Jane Make up and Hair
Decor: Finishing Touches, Sandra Lunn
Cake: Heidi’s Cafe
Dressmaker: Iqbal Osman
Groom’s suit: Dickson Tailors
Photographer’s Assistant: Nats <3


What to do now that you’re engaged

What to do now that you’re engaged

Congratulations! That you have found your way to this blog post tells me that he’s been down on one knee and you’re flashing a new diamond on your left finger!

I’m not sure if it’s the holiday season or the year end bonus, but December is a very popular time for guys (and girs!) to propose! Christiaan proposed to me on New Year’s Eve in 2010. It had been a remarkable year for South Africa with the Soccer World Cup and an even better end for us with a proposal on the beach in Kenton-on-Sea.

Christiaan chose a super windy, overcast day to do it too, but it was still incredible. We went horse riding on the beach just before sunset and after a little journey by horseback, we came across a message written in the sand, “Tanya, will you marry me?”

The rest, as they say, is history.


162748_485336541676_3827176_n 166101_485336601676_2041507_n 167479_485337081676_5971692_nEnough about our story though…


You may be feeling excited, overwhelmed with no idea where to start or eager to get going with all the planning.

Here are a few of my tips on getting you started and on your way to the chapel.

Durban beach Engagement Photo shoot

Celebrate… And set a date

Pop the champagne, take multiple ring shots and share the moments with your nearest and dearest.

They’ll want to know a date so between celebratory kisses, discuss a date that feels right to you and your future husband. If you’re unsure of a date, set the year. Guests who need to to travel will appreciate knowing so they can start saving.

Think of the time of year, favourite month, travel seasons and venue availability when deciding on a date.

Durban Wedding Photographer

 Decide what you both love

Scroll online, visit my Pinterest boards or buy a few wedding magazines to get inspired. Imagine what kind of style and vibe you want for your wedding.

Weddings should be a celebration of YOU BOTH so getting your significant other involved is important.

There’s no rules when it comes to your own wedding. If  you both love picnics, forests and being barefoot, go for that! I love picnic weddings out on the lawn!

Durban Beach Engagement Shoot

 Book your venue and your photographer

Venues and photographers can get booked up 12 months in advance so if you don’t snap up your favourites, they’ll be taken pretty quickly. Certain times of the year are high season for weddings and there’s only so many Saturday’s in Spring/ April/ May/ September! The same applies for any other service provider who have your heart set on for your wedding day – book them early!

When it comes to choosing a venue, look for a property that suits your style. We opted for a classical wedding and chose Providence in the Midlands for its sophistication, timeless appeal and of course, the exceptional service and food!


Set a budget

Even if it’s just to decide on priorities and where you should save or spend, setting a budget will help you.

Start with a simple Excel spreadsheet, determine what it’s important to you (excellent venue, photographer, flowers etc) and work from there.

Durban Wedding Photography

Pick your team

Girls to the left, boys to the right; it’s time to pick your bridal party! You’ll want your best girls at your side and he’ll want his mates too. Decide whose important to you, and think of a creative way to ask them to stand by your side.

Freedom Cafe Engagement Shoot Tash and Clayton Durban Wedding Photographer-79a

Get to it

Once you have set your date and locked down your venue and photographer, breathe and enjoy the time it takes to find the perfect make up artist, florist and so on for your day. You’re only going to do this once, so enjoy the journey!

If you’d like to chat about your wedding and receive my 2016 wedding packages, please get in touch here! I’d love to hear from you!

How to spend less time worrying and more time celebrating on your wedding day

How to spend less time worrying and more time celebrating on your wedding day

Okay, it’s your wedding day, you can expect a whole lot of camera in your face. Your jaw will ache, your smile will wobble and despite being the happiest you’ve ever been, you’ll beg for a second to take a break from smiling. I’m not even kidding.

But when you’re surrounded by your family and friends and your new husband and all the beautiful details of your wedding day, you’ll smile.

And it’ll touch the corners of your eyes.

And you’ll be beautiful. 

Because that’s what brides are; beautiful, smiling versions of themselves dressed in an exquisite gown.

Here are my five top tips on how to spend less time worrying in front of the camera (with a wobbly smile) and more time celebrating on your wedding day.

Amarencia and Hein 2 copy


Choose a photographer on more than just their work. Choose them. Choose their personality, make sure  you click with them. Because if you’re comfortable in front of your photographer, you’ll relax, knowing your photography is in good hands. And a relaxed bride is beautiful. 

Your photographer will love the confidence in them and will photograph all those spontaneous moments without you even realising.

I love giving photographs to a couple and hearing afterwards how I captured moments they weren’t even aware of. 

Tanya Jacobs Photography Durban Wedding Photographer Woodridge Country Estate_0021


Work with your maid of honour, wedding planner, photographer, whoever it may be, to set up a wedding timeline for your day. This alleviates any stress and you can spend more time celebrating with bubbly, and less time wondering what’s next on the agenda.

Let the service providers you’ve trusted for your day worry about that. And by ensuring your photographer knows exactly what’s going on, they’ll be there to capture it all.



Your photographer is there to tell a story. Your story.

And they’ll want to do it in the most creative way possible.

If you’ve hired the right photographer, trust them. Listen to their ideas and suggestions and trust them when they ask you to venture down an old path or off the beaten track. The more open you are to your photographer’s suggestions, the better the results will be.

Tramonto Boutique Hotel Wedding, Durban Wedding Photographer 53


Chat to your photographer ahead of the time if you’re a little uncomfortable in front of the camera. I’m incredibly shy in front of the camera and am all double-chin and awkward faces the minute I see a camera pointed in my direction. You don’t want that on your wedding day.

An experienced photographer will be able to help you relax and make sure you get natural, beautiful photographs. Letting them know ahead of time of any insecurities will help too.

Tanya Jacobs Photography Durban Wedding Photographer Woodridge Country Estate_0010



Things may not always go according to plan.

Your seating plan may get a little muddled, it may rain or hail and your favourite aunt might not make it for the speeches.

Just breathe. 

Soak it all up, smell your wedding flowers, eat your wedding cake, hold your husband’s hand… Don’t let this day go without cherishing every. single. moment.

Know that if you make your day truly ‘you’, and you’re celebrating together in all that love and joy, you’re guaranteed a beautifully captured story.


If you’d like to enquire about my availability and to view my packages,  please get in touch! Packages start from R9 000.