Five Tips For Handling Rain on your Wedding Day

Five Tips For Handling Rain on your Wedding Day

I’ve had my fair share of rainy wedding days.

But this last wedding season, has been something else.

While there certainly was a lot of love and happiness to warm every day, there was loads of rain, mist and chilly breezes to remind everyone to snuggle a little tighter.

As a backup, I always carry five black umbrellas in the boot of my car and they’ve seriously been put to work this season! More than once, brides were worried about the rain and all hoped they wouldn’t have to have their creative shoot done in the rain.

But put a bride into her dress, let her say her vows and BAM! She’s ready to tackle any weather, come hail or high water!


Here are my top five tips for surviving the KwaZulu-Natal rains on your wedding day.

Rain gives you an excuse to cuddle

Real tight. Let your groom cuddle you close while you both squeeze under an umbrella. Let your bridal party pull in tight. Simple black or transparent umbrellas add a nice timeless touch to wedding photos.
Your photographer will love the closeness and you’ll love the pics.


Keep your spirits high

It may be because everyone is all cuddled up, or it could be because no one wants to upset the bride. But rainy weather always puts everyone in good spirits as they huddle around fireplaces and gas heaters.
Don’t let the chill get you down and you’re guaranteed to still have amazing photos.

Stay warm

Make sure your venue caters for cold weather and think about getting shawls for your bridesmaids and yourself. Even a jacket will do and you can put it on between photographs to keep yourself from turning blue.


Be prepared to move things about

Your schedule may take a complete turn as weather can delay guests arriving, travel time between venues may be lengthened, or you may even be forced to enter your reception a little earlier than planned.
Be flexible on your wedding day and any re-scheduling won’t stress you out.


Don’t worry about frizzy hair

Your wedding day is a story and if your hair is frizzing from the rain, there’s no use in trying to hide that part of your story. I have just had a bride who gave up on carrying an umbrella, her dress and a bouquet and she just embraced it all.
Dancing in the rain, and all that! Her photos of her laughing naturally and being truly happy and unfazed, came out beautifully.

We were together.
I forget the rest.
– Walt Whitman

Enjoy your wedding day – and remember to dance in the rain!


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