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THIS is what you get with your wedding photography

THIS is what you get with your wedding photography

Every bride’s list of essential service providers is topped with photography.

Packages differ from photographer to photographer. Prices range & styles vary.

What is important to you, may simply be ‘photographs of your wedding day’.

But it’s more than that.

It’s the first moment you see each other.

It’s the emotions on the day that are so overwhelmingly precious, you’ll WANT to remember them forever.

The joy.

The nerves.

The eagerness to share your union with everyone.

The ability to relive that day, year after year.

It’s moments you didn’t even notice because you were so surrounded by love and happiness.

The tears.

The details.

It’s the last memorable flash of a gran who has passed.

A parent who is no longer with you.

It’s the evidence of a promise to love and be loved.

This is what you get with your wedding photography.

Precious recollections to share with generations to come as you reach old age.  Sharing the stories of your wedding day. 

Your wedding photography is an investment into your life story.

Because you’ll forget.

As the mind ages and the time passes, you’ll recall the detail on your dress with waning memory. Your mind will fog and the day will become hazy.

When you invest in your wedding photography, your story is shared visually time and time again.

Your wedding album, a beautiful heirloom, will be opened 10, 20, 30 years later and shared around the table with loved ones as you celebrate another year together.

And you’ll feel again.

   That love.

                That joy.

                           Those precious, precious moments.

This is what you get with your wedding photography.

David and Tricia’s Lastingham picnic wedding | Midlands Meander

David and Tricia’s Lastingham picnic wedding | Midlands Meander

David and Tricia’s wedding was a true celebration of love, friendship, family and faith.

When I first these two, I knew their wedding was going to be exceptional. I was blown away by their love during their engagement shoot (which has since been featured on Ruby and Swallow) but even more blown away on their special day. Tricia was an absolute pleasure to photograph, always smiling and so relaxed!

Their wedding was held at Lastingham in the Midlands Meander and was a little different to most weddings. Guests arrived sometime before noon and were welcomed with soft drinks and the breathtaking views of the Meander under the hot afternoon sun. Shortly after their very memorable ceremony (which almost had me in tears, it was so moving!), guests enjoyed a picnic and later an Easter egg hunt (ladies won!) and a few games on the lawn while the bridal party went off for their creative session.

Guests also got to enjoy the ultra-amazing coffee from Jacksonville Coffee as the Midlands started to cool down. Once the sun had settled and most guests had left and only closest friends and family remained, everyone gathered together for an intimate steak dinner with the newly weds.  Just perfect!

Enjoy the photographs! x

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Show some love: 

Bride’s dress: Made by Esther Talbot
Bride’s Hair: Rozzie White
Bride’s Make up: Own
Groom’s attire: Urban
Videographer: Ed Arderne
Venue: Lastingham
Band: Hilton Grieg
Wedding planner: Lynne from Lastingham
Catering: Lastingham
Stationery: Own
Coffee: Clinton Wolter, Jacksonville Coffee, Durban


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