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Sentimental bride: Holding onto happiness

Sentimental bride: Holding onto happiness




noun: sentimentality; plural noun: sentimentalities

excessive tenderness, sadness, or nostalgia.
“there are passages which verge on sentimentality”

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I’m a sucker for sentimentality. Maybe that’s why I’m a photographer. I get to photograph moments and freeze them in an image.

I’m so sentimental that I do things a certain way or wear jewellery or perfume so that I can be completely surrounded by all the nostalgia.

When I photograph weddings, I wear my wedding perfume bought by my sister. It’s a bottle of Vera Wang’s Princess and it’s the most beautiful smell in the world to me.

When I wear it, I’m reminded of all that happiness and love from our wedding day and of our honeymoon in Thailand. Brides who have a new, special perfume just for their wedding day will cherish that smell and know what I’m talking about.

I see so many sentimental moments at weddings and being able to photograph that for a bride is such a privilege.

I love the memory frames hidden in bouquets, the secret messages pinned to dresses from moms, the earrings from grooms, the perfumes… I love meaning and finding it in everything. 

My sister had a beautiful garter made for me for our wedding day that I made sure I never threw on the night. Christiaan had to turn around on the highway on our way to our wedding weekend, just to buy another garter which landed up costing a pretty penny from a bridal boutique in Hilton. There’s no ways I was going to lose the special one my sister had given to me as a gift.

It’s a soft lace piece, made by Loryn from Loryn Loves (who now lives in Australia) and has our wedding date hand stitched onto it in blue. It’s an incredible gift and if you’re a maid of honour reading this, I hope it’s given you an idea. 😉

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date1The garter stays in its little box that it came in, in my drawer, together with a flower clip I wore in my hair and as of recently, our first positive pregnancy test. I told you I was sentimental! 

Maybe one day, our daughter will wear the garter to her wedding with her own wedding date hand stitched onto it in blue.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, right?


Over the years, I’ve let go of loads of sentimental stuff and have started to appreciate moments, people, feelings, emotions far more than worldly goods.

I find treasuring images and emotions far more meaningful. The way something makes you feel, cherish that. The way a photograph makes your heart feel? Keep that.

Because when the perfume runs out and the lace starts to yellow, all that’s really left, is the emotions (and photographs!).



PS. If you want to read stories from a sentimental bride, read this blog here. Indieberries has no professional wedding photographs from her day (it’s a sad story and you can read it here) but as you’ll find out from reading her blog, she’s an optimist and now wears her wedding dress (and her husband gets dressed up to0!) around the world. Brilliant idea! 


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