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Tips to Completely Rock Your Couple Shoot

Tips to Completely Rock Your Couple Shoot

With the new wedding season, comes the super busy engagement season right on its heels too so I thought what better time to talk about engagement shoots and how to rock your couple shoot?!

The new season starts next week for me, and I am so beyond grateful that my year has been booked out! It does mean sacrificing my weekends with C and Ella, but it also means I get to do what I love with some amazing people, and share in their happiness too.

For some (most) people, having their photo taken is downright unnerving. I completely get that! I can’t tell you how awkward I am in front of the camera! But whether you love it or hate it, there’s no better way to celebrate your engagement than with a couple shoot to remember this time of your life by.

Here’s a bit of advice I’ve put together to help you prepare, and make the most of your shoot!


Being YOU is the best way to get great photos. I can only capture who you are, if you be YOU. Wearing clothes that you are comfortable, and confident in, helps to make you feel more at ease in front of my camera. Keep it simple and clean.





Whether that’s sipping on your favourite latte because you’re a coffee addict, or climbing up rock faces to overlook the sea, choose a location that encompasses your lives together. Surround yourself by what you love. Don’t have your shoot on the beach when you haven’t been to the beach in years! Or hate beach sand.  Have your shoot WHERE YOU ARE. If that’s at home, get the kettle on, I’m coming over!


Durban Fine ARt WEdding Photographer Engagement SHoot



Forget about what you should be doing, and how you should be doing it, and just be you. If you’re shy, be shy. If you’re loud, be that. I want to keep your couple shoot natural and honest to who you are, and I can only do that if you’re being true to who you are. I shared an image of my daughter having tea with a plastic toy falcon, and people LOVED IT because it was an image of her, in her environment, as she is now, doing what she does now. I’m going to treasure this image forever.


This engaged feeling. This love. It’s a kind of magic. Embrace it and enjoy it. Spend the day doing fun things together. Take a break from wedding planning. So when it comes to doing your shoot, it’s not just something you’re ticking off your wedding to-do list, but rather another magical part of an already amazing day!


horse farm engagement shoot


I promise to give you gentle guidance, so there won’t be any of that awkward ‘what do I do with my hands?’, but more natural laughing, sharing and creating. But it’s still up to you to bring YOU so I can capture you as you are.

Ready to start this adventure?
Tips to rock your couple shoot

THIS is what you get with your wedding photography

THIS is what you get with your wedding photography

Every bride’s list of essential service providers is topped with photography.

Packages differ from photographer to photographer. Prices range & styles vary.

What is important to you, may simply be ‘photographs of your wedding day’.

But it’s more than that.

It’s the first moment you see each other.

It’s the emotions on the day that are so overwhelmingly precious, you’ll WANT to remember them forever.

The joy.

The nerves.

The eagerness to share your union with everyone.

The ability to relive that day, year after year.

It’s moments you didn’t even notice because you were so surrounded by love and happiness.

The tears.

The details.

It’s the last memorable flash of a gran who has passed.

A parent who is no longer with you.

It’s the evidence of a promise to love and be loved.

This is what you get with your wedding photography.

Precious recollections to share with generations to come as you reach old age.  Sharing the stories of your wedding day. 

Your wedding photography is an investment into your life story.

Because you’ll forget.

As the mind ages and the time passes, you’ll recall the detail on your dress with waning memory. Your mind will fog and the day will become hazy.

When you invest in your wedding photography, your story is shared visually time and time again.

Your wedding album, a beautiful heirloom, will be opened 10, 20, 30 years later and shared around the table with loved ones as you celebrate another year together.

And you’ll feel again.

   That love.

                That joy.

                           Those precious, precious moments.

This is what you get with your wedding photography.


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