I did it. I created, launched and hosted my very first photography workshop for moms and it was a great success!

On Saturday just passed, I had 10 moms join me at St James on Venice, Morningside, for a workshop where I taught them how to use their DSLR cameras. It was so much fun teaching them the very basics of how to shoot on manual and how to take better photographs of their children.

From some moms not even being sure how to charge their cameras and most of them not knowing what F-stops (F-Spots to one mom! 😉 ) were, these moms absolutely rocked it and by the end of the three hour session, they were all shooting on manual mode! Yay moms! Yay me!

So here are three important things I learnt from my first workshop:

    1. To market
      Daaaayuum! Marketing a brand new product (Little Leap, by Tanya Jacobs Photography) was hard work and there were times that I wanted to drop the whole idea and run of the proverbial hills. But I didn’t. Through lots of pep talks from my husband, and marketing advice from my brother, I pushed on and BAM! 10 moms signed up! But not without a little bit of a price decrease, that may or may not have persuaded moms to sign up.
    2. To believe
      There are so many times that I doubted my abilities to properly host a workshop. There are photographers in this industry who have been shooting for far longer than I have been and they’re not doing this!
      But you know what… Just because they aren’t, doesn’t mean I couldn’t! I believed I could, so I did.
    3.  To breathe
      Once the workshop was done, I felt exhausted. I felt like I had suddenly caught the flu and I felt drained. I felt great, knowing I had helped 10 families learn how to truly cherish their memories and moments, but I also felt exhausted and ready to come home to my own family. The build up to a workshop is intense and with all the marketing, planning, creating and executing, I was finished.
      What followed was a four hour afternoon nap, that thankfully, co-incided with Ella’s plans too.
    4. To Know
      On my way home, I wondered if the moms had truly grasped the concept of aperture, manual and depth of field. This stuff isn’t always easy to understand, what with F-Stops and shutter speeds. But they got it! Was it something they’d forget the minute the left the workshop?
      But in our private Facebook group, already two moms have shared photos they took the day after the workshop, experimenting on their children and shooting in manual! My heart exploded with pride! They may forget a few basics here and there, and that F-spot is actually F-Stop, but they’re experimenting with their DSLR’s and that’s what counts!


I’ve been asked a few times if I’ll be doing another later this year. My year has filled up nicely with weddings and sessions but with enough interest in a workshop, I may just! Otherwise, there’s always 2017!

Keep an eye out on www.littleleap.co.za to see if I do!

Here’s  a few sneak peeks at the workshop from Nats dos Santos (who knocked the ball out of the park with these shots, learning how to use my Nikon DSLR camera during the workshop and taking these shots ON MANUAL)!

Tanya Jacobs Photography Workshop for Moms-0018 Tanya Jacobs Photography Workshop for Moms-0027 Tanya Jacobs Photography Workshop for Moms-0030 Tanya Jacobs Photography Workshop for Moms-0054 Tanya Jacobs Photography Workshop for Moms-0059 Tanya Jacobs Photography Workshop for Moms-0094 Tanya Jacobs Photography Workshop for Moms-0099Tanya Jacobs Photography Workshop for Moms-0108 Tanya Jacobs Photography Workshop for Moms-0111 Tanya Jacobs Photography Workshop for Moms-0130 Tanya Jacobs Photography Workshop for Moms-0132


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