Kieran and Kirsty's early Sunday morning engagement session | Tanya Jacobs Photography

It’s been almost three weeks of no internet at the Tanya Jacobs Photography headquarters. It’s been expensive (cellphone data), annoying, and outright frustrating with no answers as to who caused the problem (an underground cable has been dug up) and who is going to fix it. Aaaah!

Because of this, I have fallen behind on my blogging and haven’t been able to share this lovely engagement session with you all!

The other day I was walking my daughter when I bumped into a bunch of children riding their bikes. They were talking about school and the one girl said, “I hope I’m in Miss Vermolen’s class next year, she’s the nicest!”

I absolutely have to agree!

When I first met Kirsty on Instagram, I had no idea how sweet she would be and how her and Kieran would feel like friends after meeting them for their engagement session. Kirsty is a teacher and Kieran is studying to become an architect which is just the most perfect match as they build a future together.

And I even got to meet Nugget, who is the liveliest little sausage I have ever met (besides for my mom’s sausage dog) with the most heartwarming story of how he was rescued by Kirsty.

Kieran and Kirsty, I hope you love your photographs and enjoy the last few weeks before your wedding day! I’m so glad you chose me to be your wedding photographer!

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