In the last year, my business has done more growing than it has ever done.

Since my very first wedding in Newcastle a few years ago, I have wanted to quit my full time job to pursue my heart’s desire of photographing.

Three years of late night editing and weekend shooting, while maintaining a full time job  finally paid off and in September this year, I handed in my resignation!

After almost 10 years of a very successful career in journalism, I jumped into the world of self employment.


Countless articles will tell you, don’t quit till you’ve got bookings lined up.  I prepared, planned and made checklists till they were coming out of my ears.

And then I did it, with barely any bookings and a very tight budget.

Taking that leap took guts. We had a baby on the way and bills to pay. Handing in my resignation without any guarantee that I’ll be able to pay the bills each month is scary, but I did it.

And I am excited!

I am so excited to focus all my energy on my photography business in the new year and so thankful for the bookings that have come my way for 2016, even though I’m currently on maternity leave!

Being a mom takes first place but raising Ella and a new business at the same time is a challenge I’m happy and excited to take on.
Durban Wedding Photography

I have learnt that fear will keep you in a place for far longer than you need to be and it will paralyse you. While I loved my job as an editor, I hated that I couldn’t give my 110% to my photography all the time. Mondays would come and I’d have to switch off from my photography business to go to work, only picking it up again late at night to edit or on Saturdays and Sundays to shoot.

Fear feeds on inaction. I had to do something. 

Earlier this year, I joined the Female Photographers’ Association and Shining Lights programme which has played a major role in my decision to follow my dreams and define my business and brand. I have found who I want to work with and the value in my own creativity. The way I view and run my business has changed completely and I couldn’t be happier with the direction that Tanya Jacobs Photography is going in.

For anyone wanting to follow their dreams, my advice is this: Find out what it is exactly that you want to do and figure out how to get there and then just go for it. It’ll be scary.

But sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream!


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