Henk and Pamela | Waiting for You | Tanya Jacobs Photography

Having a baby is one of the best rollercoaster rides you can be on. There’s the excitement, the fear, the unknown, the anxiety, the happiness and the worry. There’s the preparations and the washing and folding of baby clothes over and over again until it’s all perfect.

A big part of preparing means documenting this time in your life, even when you’re not feeling your smallest/ prettiest/ best. Ankles swell, thighs are frightening, and you need to pee, constantly.

When it came to our turn, I opted not to do a maternity shoot, despite it being offered by a few of my photographer friends in the industry. I loved being pregnant, but I hated how much weight I had gained and how tired I looked.

Looking back at cellphone pics now, I realise just how beautiful that time was and now, I wish I had properly documented my first pregnancy.

Oh well.

At least I get to photograph this time for other expecting moms who may not always feel their best, but do certainly look amazing.

Pamela was one of those moms recently. Henk and Pamela drove through from Newcastle for their shoot and for one last weekend of relaxing in Durban. We decided to do their maternity shoot at sunrise on Umhlanga Beach. While the weather had other plans, we continued to shoot and got these gorgeous images. Henk and Pamela are a lovely couple and so excited to become first-time parents! They’re going to be amazing at it too!

All the best to you two, I know she’s going to be a very loved little girl! <3

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