Weddings are pretty. And it’s your dream to have a beautiful day with all the lace and trimmings.
So you’ll know, flowers play a huge role on your wedding day!
I love seeing which flowers brides have chosen for their wedding day – I feel it’s something you should choose because you LOVE that particular flower. Actually, filling your entire day with everything that you really, really LOVE and brings you joy makes for the most memorable day.
Over the years, I have gotten to work with an incredibly talented and passionate floral designer who has grown to be a friend, more than an acquaintance in the industry. I love driven people, and Rowena from Buds in a Ro, is exactly that.
So I popped her a mail and asked her a few questions. I loved her answers so much, that I decided to share them here for brides and grooms planning their wedding day.
You’ll pick up on her creativity, passion, and dedication.

Seeing her in action though, is far more impressive.



What should couples be looking for when they search for a florist for their wedding day?

There are lots of industry checks to find a florist. I personally don’t agree with these, because you are dealing with an art form. You need to rather look for someone you gel with. Someone who helps make you excited when you hear the options or ideas available. Someone who gets your relationship and the style you are wanting.
My tip; don’t just send a generic email for costings, rather try meet someone in person.
With social media you can always find out more of what they can offer even before you meet them. Word of mouth is always great, especially from industry professionals who you have already booked.
Like the photographer, they know lots of different people to contact so it’s always a great place to start.

The couple have booked you, now what? Do they point out their favourite flowers?

What a special journey it is to start this walk with my clients. I love to meet with my clients to know what their dream flowers and style would be. It is in this meeting that we start to work on bringing their dream and their budget to reality. Don’t apologize if you don’t have a big budget, but be open to suggestions.
If you have image ideas that is always a plus but something to keep in mind that we work with what is locally available before we try to import.
Locally grown flowers are always a winner for both look and budget.


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If the couple wanted to save costs, how could they do this?

Never cut out the flowers… haha, said as only a true flower lover can!
It’s difficult to give exact ideas to save on costs but as a floral designer this is a part I love the most. People think all florist hear the word “wedding” and just put up our costs and this is definitely not the case for most of us. We know what is in season and what will work well for you, so be open, trusting and honest.
Let us help you work to your budget. Myself personally, I want you to love your flowers, not regret spending money.

Flowers always bring that extra something to an event and I love showing my clients how to love flowers again.


How long in advance should a couple book their florist?

I have had brides contact me in tears a week before their big day, right up until being booked over a year in advance. Just remember that dates get booked up so I would start looking as soon as you have your photographer and venue (maybe even before).
For my brides who don’t have much notice, I always say that the flowers are still growing themselves so there is always still time.
Those brides who book in advance, this is a great chance to involve the floral designer in your, “possibly changing” ideas or colour samples for fabric etc. As a designer, I love to use this to help put forward different design ideas before we work on the final design plan.

How much should couples budget for their wedding flowers?

This is always difficult for me because I deal with couples on all budgets, so I would rather say don’t price flowers on what you may see at Woolies etc. There is a lot that goes into the cost of your wedding flowers. Your florist is an artist, from how they pick your flowers to preparing them and the final end product.
Their time, knowledge and artist flair are worth it.
Especially when you trust them to do what they do best.. speak love in flowers!


Buds in a Ro 
Rowena Arnold
Floral Designer

082 304 6495
Email Rowena here.
Buds in a Ro on Facebook.
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 I’d love to know, what flowers are you having for your wedding day? Let me know in the comments below.




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