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Whether it’s a morning at home, building mud pies in the garden, or sleepy moments with a cheeky toddler, photographing families in their real life is one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Documentary family photography captures you being you, and me doing what I love, to capture images of your family that are real, raw and honest. It’s a way of holding onto a memory forever in photographs.


Because there is nothing more beautiful than an ordinary day made up of tiny little moments. Documentary family photography is capturing the very heart of your family, in your home/garden/ favourite space.

It’s capturing the messy counter tops and the kid’s toys on the floor. It’s capturing the tantrums and the tears and the hugs and the mess. It’s capturing the little smiles that we take for granted and inquisitive eyes. It’s photographing real laughs and it’s finally… finally capturing mom in photos.

It’s your every day.

Welcome to The Beautiful Now.


Like me, you know that moments need to be cherished because that’s what makes your heart happy. If making memories with your children is important to you, than let’s chat. Documentary family sessions aren’t for everyone and that’s okay. I’m not going to tell you how to dress or make you clean up your house. In fact, I want your home to look exactly as it is now, because that’s how your children will remember it when they look back at these photos years from now. We’re going to have fun, and even the dads who think this is ridiculous, will love the time they spend with their family and the beautiful images they get out of it. These sessions are fun, relaxed and best of all… your children will enjoy themselves!


View A Sunday Morning in the life of the Linde Family. (The video may take a few seconds to load.)



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  • Tell me a bit more about what you would like to portray in your images. Eg. Waking up to breakfast, Baking in the kitchen with mom, Just us at home, bath time, dinner time etc.