I waited so anxiously for this shoot, watching the weather as the wind blew and the rain started, and dreading that we may have to postpone.

But an hour before the shoot, we all decided to push on. And I’m so glad we did, the rain cleared and the wind stopped and we managed to get the  Durban rooftop engagement shoot that Mags and I had envisioned for their engagement shoot.

The light on the rooftop was just so amazing, and I could have carried on photographing these two, hearing all about their upcoming wedding day while snapping up that love and light.

Bruce and Mags are a very laid-back couple, so the relaxed cityscape shoot was perfect for them. Here they are:-

(PS. I’m not going to lie, these are some of my all time favourite couple photographs with such easy, relaxed posing!)

2016-06-30_0001 2016-06-30_0002 2016-06-30_0003 2016-06-30_0004 2016-06-30_0005 2016-06-30_0006 2016-06-30_0007 2016-06-30_0008 2016-06-30_0009 2016-06-30_0010 2016-06-30_0011 2016-06-30_0012 2016-06-30_0013 2016-06-30_0014 2016-06-30_0015 2016-06-30_0016 2016-06-30_0017 2016-06-30_0018 2016-06-30_0019 2016-06-30_0020 2016-06-30_0021 2016-06-30_0022 2016-06-30_0024 2016-06-30_0025 2016-06-30_0026 2016-06-30_0027 2016-06-30_0028 2016-06-30_0029 2016-06-30_0030



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