Durban Wedding Photographer About Page

I’m a small town girl, originally from Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal who now owns her very own photography business in Durban.  In 2013, my husband, Christiaan and I packed our three Scotties and two cats into our cars and followed a removal company to our new home at the seaside.

At the start of Spring 2015, I quit my 10 year career as a journalist/editor to pursue my photography passion. I was about to become a mom, and was photographing every weekend. When I wasn’t travelling and writing, I was photographing and editing. Burn out was imminent and so, with an eight month pregnant belly, I handed in my resignation. On November 6, 2015, we welcomed the  most beautiful girl into the world on the best day of our lives.

Being a mom? It’s the best thing in the world. 

Being a wife, mom and business owner? It’s the biggest challenge I’ve ever taken on, but it’s the most exhilarating, exciting and rewarding.


Spending lazy days with family, baking, DIYing (Is that a word?) and travelling to new places are among my favourite things. Along with chocolate milkshakes and olives.

The happiest day of my life was our wedding day at Providence in the Midlands in November 2012. Our dream for the day was to be real to ourselves, be joyful, and be a celebration of love with family and our closest friends. And we had to have good food. We opted for a classical countryside wedding with elegant and timeless touches. We partied the night away on the dance floor and ate the most amazing food.

A few more things about me:

– I have been a waitress, dairy product promotion girl (LOL!), journalist and newspaper editor, all of which have made me into the photographer that I am today.

– Of all the things I am and have been, being a mom is definitely the best role.

– I love trying out new restaurants and have a long list of places I’m dying to try.

– Inspired to bake my daughter’s first birthday cake, I’ve taken up baking and it’s completely surprised me how much I love it! I’m willing to share my cake boss secrets.

– I’m a Mac. Apple everything.

– My past as an editor and journalist has merged with my experience as a wedding photographer, but I love telling stories with pictures now.

– I’m serious about loving chocolate milkshakes and there’s probably not a single day that goes by that I haven’t had one.

– My dream is to travel and photograph the depths of Italy.