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Durban Photographer

Hi! My name is Tanya and I live in Durban, South Africa.
My passion is telling stories. I love photographing extraordinary moments in people’s lives and preserving that forever. I want your story to pour out of each and every photograph I take. I love that in 100 years from now, someone can hold one of my photographs and be able to cherish it. What an honour! My style is clean & natural, with a documentary approach. I’ve been capturing the most amazing families and love stories since 2013, finally going full time into photography in October 2015, just before my husband and I became parents to our beautiful girl, Ella.

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We LOVED having Tanya as our wedding photographer! She made us feel so relaxed, so natural- she was so easy to work with. She was assertive with her direction, without being “pushy”; she really was able to get the best out of us!

— Tricia & David Deacon, Lastingham